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'The Sound of Musings' Book (personalised, gift wrapped incl p&p)


Buy your copy of The Sound of Musings with the option of having it gift-wrapped and signed/dedicated by the Author. Your book will be personalised, packaged securely and sent by first-class Royal Mail; to you or directly to the recipient. Cost of book is inclusive of p&p.

For this personalized option, just add the name, (and address if required) of the recipient at Checkout in 'Message for the Merchant'. Leave the box blank for any unsigned books ordered.

The Sound of Musings deftly traces Maria’s journey from flibbertigibbet, postulant nun to beloved governess, wife and step-mother.... Prompted by the story, songs and characters of a much-loved film, each short chapter looks at different aspects of life and faith, helping us all discover more about God’s love and purposes. It's inspiring, authentic and biblically rooted, and a lot of fun!

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